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why should i play the fall guy to your love?

fashionably uninvited.™
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I Am An OFFICIAL Andy Jenny Model.

there's a time and a place.
but this is neither the time nor place.
where do i fit in, in this jigsaw of a relationship?
why should i play the fall guy to your love?
i keep getting snubbed.
what dumb luck.
what dumb luck.

so rub it in in your dumb lyrics.
yeah, that's the time and place to bring out your bullshit.

i can't forget what's been said.
and this guilt i can't shed, it still rings in my ears.
oh, get out the butchers knife.
i've been screaming for years, but it gets me nowhere.
just get out the butcher's knife.
will you get out the butcher's knife?
get out the butcher's knife.
oh, that organ's playing my song.
but the song's gone on too long.
what a day to sever such ugly extremities.
what a lovely day, says the butcher, as he raises his arm.

adding me;;
i don't do friends cuts.
all i ask is you add me first and comment on my friends only post.
do this, and i, no doubt, will add you back.

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this is a crisis.

Some names you should know:
Corey [Lee], Co-Ray - We've been best friends since we were in the 7th grade.
Tink - My best friend.
Coco - My exboyfriend.
Ryan - My most recent boyfriend/semi-fiance.

Others, I'll explain if you'd like.

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